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Meet Jim and Sarah, who discovered love amidst the grocery shelves of Publix.

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Jim and Sarah were just ordinary shoppers until they bumped into each other while reaching for the same box of cereal.

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Jim and Sarah's Story

Sparks flew, and their love story began in the aisles of Publix.

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But Jim and Sarah are not alone. Publix has witnessed numerous unexpected connections that blossomed into beautiful relationships.

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Unexpected Connection

Love finds a way, even in the bustling aisles of Publix. Meet John and Martha, who still share a cup of coffee at the Publix café after 50 years of marriage.

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Love Finds a Way

Publix has become more than a grocery store; it has become the backdrop for countless love stories.

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A Love Letter to Publix

We want to hear from you! Share your Publix love story and let the world know how this supermarket brought love into your life.

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Share Your Love Story

Publix celebrates the love and connections formed within its walls. Because at Publix, love is always in the air.

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Celebrating Love and Connection

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