10 Fascinating Facts About Publix


Publix is one of the largest supermarket chains in the United States, with over 1,200 stores across seven states. Here are 10 interesting facts about Publix that you may not know.

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Publix is owned by its employees, making it a great place to work and ensuring everyone has a stake in the company's success.

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George W. Jenkin


Publix was founded by George W. Jenkins in 1930, who believed in treating employees like family and providing exceptional customer service.

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GreenWise Market


Publix has a chain of natural and organic food stores called GreenWise Market, offering a variety of natural and organic products including produce, meat, dairy, and bakery items.

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Aprons Cooking School


Learn cooking from Publix chefs with Aprons Cooking School offering classes on a wide range of cuisines and techniques.

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Publix is famous for its subs, which are made fresh to order. The most popular sub is the Publix Ultimate Sub, which features turkey, ham, roast beef, and Swiss cheese.

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Publix offers BOGO deals where customers can buy one item and get another for free, advertised in their weekly ads.



Publix is dedicated to sustainability by implementing energy-efficient lighting and refrigeration, recycling programs, and sustainable sourcing practices.

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Community Involvement


Publix values community service and donates millions of dollars to local charities while their associates volunteer thousands of hours of their time to community service projects.

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Publix Premium


Enjoy premium quality ingredients with Publix Premium brand products that are often compared to specialty food stores.

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Fortune 500


Publix is consistently ranked as one of the largest companies in the United States by Fortune 500. In 2021, the company ranked #88 on the list.

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