Hello People,

Thank you for visiting our website and learn about the Publix PASSport and other information related to it. We have created this website to help Publix Employees who are not tech savvy and face difficulties while using the company’s portal.

Our Story – Why we Created this blog?

So let’s begin with our story.

This website is created by me (David, I’ll introduce myself below) and my co-partner Mike (an existing Publix employee). To be frank, when PASSport was launched, it was bit complicated to use and there were lots of our colleagues who were facing issues in using them. For me, it was like an opportunity to start a blog on this for helping my friends and I discussed the idea with Mike.

Mike then said that may be more people in different stores facing the same issue. So we just contacted some people from different stores and collected data on such issue. We were really amazed to see that there were 100s of people were facing complication in using the portal effectively. Even extracting the basic information about their profile was difficult for them. So Me and Mike both decided to start a full-fledged dedicated information blog for helping such people.

Who are we?

Let us introduce ourselves one by one;



My name is David and I am a former associate of Publix. I used to work in retail department. Currently, I am working with Walmart and running this blog for my old friends too. The purpose for us to create this blog was to serve lots of Publix employees who are not tech savvy.

I will writing guides for you here and will be making sure that your all complications can be solved with my simple guides. You may even write to me with your issues and I will make sure that your queries are addressed in this blog. We are trying to create a community for Publix employees here.



This is Mike and I am currently working with Publix Distribution as a Warehouse selector. I must say that Publix environment is pretty fun to work in. As David said above that we created this blog to help our colleagues and other Publix employees. On this blog, I handle the management and marketing part where I try to make this blog accessible to almost all the employees of Publix.

Consider us your friend guys and share all your technical issues related to Publix and we will make sure they are addressed in timely manner.

Our Vision

We are aiming to create an active unofficial community for Publix employees from all departments where they can share their issues and get solutions. We are aiming to handle all the tech problems related to Publix Passport or Publix Oasis login issues. We want you to consider us as your friend.